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Probiotics: Powerful Depression-Fighters

Probiotics - Nature's Depression-FightersProbiotics play a huge role in almost every aspect of your health, from digestion and elimination of wastes to immune function.

Recent research has shown probiotics are vital for proper brain and nervous system development and function. Indeed, the combination of the following appear to be driving skyrocketing autism rates in children as well as indigestion, poor quality of sleep and depression we’ve observed in all age groups in recent decades:

1. Heavy metal toxicity, vaccines, mercury fillings, air pollution
2. Disruption of gut flora, due to all fruits and vegetables being so thoroughly washed that all naturally occurring probiotics are mostly removed
3. Preservatives in foods
4. Consumption of antibiotic-laden meats and
5. Personal medical reasons

While many ‘mental disorders’ are actually inventions aimed at lining the pockets of Big Pharma, some are quite real and devastating to those who experience them. Take depression, for instance. Plenty of people have to deal with this at one time or another in their lives.

A scientific review published in Hungary observed:
1. Inflammation, among other factors, may be involved. One line of studies has shown that depression is frequently associated with manifest gastrointestinal inflammations…
2. Depression may be a manifestation of a chronic inflammatory syndrome.
3. A primary cause of inflammation and depression may be the dysfunction of the “gut-brain axis”. Your gut and your brain are closely linked. They’re even formed from the same cells in the fetus. The health of your gut depends heavily on having the right kind and balance of micro-organisms.

Gut health is so important that it affects babies before they’re even born. When the mother has an imbalance or lack of essential microflora, she makes less of the essential B-vitamins needed for nervous system development. Further, she’s less able to absorb nutrients and dispose of wastes, setting the stage for fetal mal-nourishment and toxicity. Birth defects, retardation and other issues may be the result.

After birth, the baby is supposed to be exposed to flora in the birth canal and then in the mother’s first milk. But what happens when the mother is already deficient or unbalanced herself? Then, when baby drinks water or is bathed in water that contains flora-killing chemicals (such as chlorine, chloramines and fluoride), baby may never get the chance to establish the healthful bacterial colonies he needs to be healthy and develop normally. A newborn suffering from colic or thrush is generally suffering from a lack of beneficial flora in the gut. How will he escape these problems if he doesn’t have a source of flora?

All of these factors combine to ruin the health and future of children and of adults. Depression is just one consequence of many.

The take-away here is this: If you want to live a ‘well-balanced’, happy, healthy life, you need to make sure your gut flora are in a state of happy balance themselves.

The two MOST important steps you can take are:

1. Replace your flora with a broad-spectrum, totally natural (non-GMO) probiotic supplement. To address both flora and any inflammation caused by other issues, I take our Inner Garden and Rest Easy (Turbocharged Turmeric) probiotics.
2. Stop drinking toxic, acidic or dead water. Reverse osmosis water is dead and acidic, lacking the natural minerals. Unfiltered tap water or water filtered by low-cost filters certainly contains fluoride, chloramines and probably other nasties that can damage your flora and other things in your body. Don’t compromise with low-cost, inefficient water filters and settle for partial solutions. Remember, toxic elements like fluoride, arsenic and other heavy metals ACCUMULATE in one’s body. This is why so many older people and even the generation Xers are suffering from all kinds of “old age diseases” – another term for the accumulation of acid waste and heavy metals and the failure to drink and to bathe in clean water in order to FLUSH out the toxins on a DAILY BASIS.

I hope you find this information of use and that you will take action to protect and improve your health, happiness and longevity.

– Winston Kao

Candida or Mold Issues?

Do you have a Candida or mold infection or allergy? Symptoms include sneezing, congestion, itchy or watery eyes, a persistent cough, or a tickle at the back of your throat. Do you clear your throat a lot? Even asthma can result in those who do not normally have asthma. Do you crave sweets or feel chronically fatigued? Do you suffer from brain fog? Headaches? Dandruff? These can all be symptoms of mold allergy responses.

If you have found mold in your bathroom or bedroom (the most likely places), you will need to handle its effects. You can also find mold in air conditioning systems, face creams, basements, and anywhere you smell a “musty odor.” Many people think that if they just clean up the mold in their environment, then their work is done, but mold throws off the delicate balance of the body. And where you have a mold exposure, you have a Candida overgrowth. They go hand in hand.

On the outside of the body, you can find mold or fungus on finger or toenail infections, thrush, and bumpy skin. If you have bumpy skin, you can kill the mold colonies with apple cider vinegar on a cotton swab. Unfortunately, most doctors receive very little training in mycology (the study of fungi and their effects) during medical school, often less than veterinarians. As a result, toxic mold exposure, use of antibiotics, swimming in chlorinated pools and other common activities can be overlooked as the cause of a patient’s health problems. Worse, recent studies point to fungus in the body as being the precursor to cancer.

Here are a few of the most common things that contribute to mold problems and Candida overgrowth

Exposure to pesticides. Pesticides kill bugs, including the colony in your gut. You do not have to eat them to be exposed.

Antibiotics. Used to kill disease-causing bacteria, antibiotics are very effective in killing normal, protective bacterial flora throughout the body.

Swimming in chlorinated pools. Copper and Silver Anodes, Salt water, and Chlorine are used in swimming pools and Jacuzzis to kill bacteria and algae. Just as these things kill bacteria in the water, they also kill the body’s normal bacterial flora. This is one of the reasons that I have designed my Oxygen Harmony™ pool system. It reduces chemical use by 90%. Visit Ideal Earth Water for more information.

Alcohol use (most often beer, wine and vodka). Frequent use of alcohol encourages the growth of yeast in the body.

Mercury and mercury fillings (silver amalgam fillings). Mercury has antibacterial, fungal-promoting effects.

Use of corticosteroids that turn off normal immune reactions leave a person without their natural defenses against fungi

Birth Control pills, injections, or patches. Women’s bodies naturally experience highs and lows of various hormones. Birth control pills, injections, or patches cause these hormones to become even, which encourages fungal growth. This may be why so many women on the pill experience more yeast infections than women who use other contraception.

Natural Remedies

If you need to handle mold in your environment, then send me an email and request my free MOLD Report. It will help you to clean up the mold without using chlorine bleach.

When I was a volunteer in 2005 after hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, exposure to mold almost cost me my life, but I did some experimentation and healed myself. Since then, my wife and I have researched and tested anddeveloped our Candida Relief™ program. It rapidly helps return the body’s balance without a restrictive diet!


Tisa Shaw,

Dr. John Humiston, MD,

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