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How You Can Heal Cavities Naturally

Here is how to heal a cavity naturally and nutritionally without the need for ‘drilling and filling’

Many people have found success in healing cavities by using nutrition and healing oils. A great example is Sarah Pope, a mother and Nutrition Education and Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation, who talks about how she healed her young son’s cavity. It was completely healed through dietary changes and supplementation with a combination of two powerful healing oils.

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Which is healthier red or white meat?

Americans are among the largest consumers of meat on earth and many other countries are following our example as meat consumers. Over the years red meat has gotten a bad rap for causing cholesterol and heart problems and so we are told to eat white meat.

Countless scientific studies have concluded that eating red meat is bad for you. But in each of those studies, the researchers routinely fail to differentiate between processed or commercially grown meat vs. free-range grass fed organic beef.  They focus on the commercial, processed meat that has been grown and processed with tons of antibiotics, steroids, food additives, flavorings, meat glue, etc. omitting the free-range beef and lamb grown and finished on grass that is free of all the commercial processing and short-cuts. In doing so, they cast a dark shadow of doubt over all red meat, when the reality is that red meat is one of the healthiest meats with the highest nutrition in comparison to white meat.

Which is healthier red or white meat?

The Food Fight

There has been a lot of controversy about GMO (genetically modified organism) food in the media lately. As scientists find more evidence of the GMO health risks, we find ourselves faced with a choice. Do we demand that our food be labeled GMO or do we continue to take the risk of eating food that could be potentially hazardous to our health?