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Emergency Immune System Boost

Emergency Beef Up for Your Immune System

I’ve been diligently looking high and low for a variety of solutions that range from cheap and simple to relatively expensive and complex  to boost our immune systems by using food and probiotics.

I am going to start with the tried and true, but not necessary palatable solution to building one’s immune system up. But if you are sick, or your loved one is seriously sick and is going down the tubes fast, forget about the bad taste or grossness and just do it!

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What You Should Know About The Farm Bill

Here is a great article that explains what you need to know about The Farm Bill and how it will effect you and your family.

Top 10 Things You Should Know About The Farm Bill

Posted by Sara Sciammacco in Food, Subsidies, Water on June 27, 2011

The Environmental Working Group knows that you care about the affordability and availability of healthy food and clean drinking water. So we wanted to make sure you know as much as you can about the massive piece of legislation that guides federal agriculture policy.

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Vaccination Warning!

In the past, I have written several issues on the subject of bird flu, swine flu vaccines and potential mandatory vaccinations. I know this is a very scary subject and a very difficult subject to confront, but it is not enough for only a few people to know what is being actively planned for the general population. The following is a very clear documentation on what is in the vaccines, what legal actions you should take and there is a whole list of health products that you can use to build your immune systems.

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Hemp Vs. Kenaf Oil

As awareness is mounting across the globe, many are seeking solutions to address various global pollutions and wastes. The established companies obviously want to retain their market share and new green solutions have a difficult battle to introduce new ideas to replace the old systems.

In our information world, paper is a very high demand commodity. Traditionally, it is made from harvested trees, which take at least 20-50 years to grow. In order to increase production and reduce the growing time, certain agricultural practices like planting trees extremely close and all of the same size and age for easy harvesting creates serious fire hazards. When we see whole states up in flames, the one thing that you absolutely do not see is the true cause of these fires. When you grow a whole bunch of trees of the same size and age, then move to the next field and grow the next batch, it’s kind of like building a campfire. You put small kindling down first, then larger pieces of wood and finally, the big logs.

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How To Make Your Own Soda

Unhealthy Sodas vs. Truly Healthy Soda

14th Century Soda Pop

Did you know that soft drinks and sodas were once called tonics, meaning they gave strength and energy and were good for you?

As a matter of fact, I have a wonderful recipe for you to make 14th Century Soda Pop. It is a wonderful fizzy drink that quenches thirst in our beautiful hot summer days.

Usually, I use freshly squeezed orange juice and add 2 tablespoons of Inner Garden™ or Rest Easy™ to 1 gallon of freshly squeezed orange juice. This sweet, fizzy drink has lots of B vitamins, probiotics, and like freshly squeezed apple juice, if you drink way too much 4+ 16 ounces glasses in one seating, it will turn into a diuretic.

Here is the super simple recipe:

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Cell Phones & EMF Symptoms

Weekly News Tips January 30, 2009 cell phones

Let’s face it, cell phones are here for keeps. The phone industries are eliminating landlines and across the globe, everybody is going directly to cell phones. As the cell phones continue to advance in their capabilities from personal notepads to computers to entertainments, these advancements are seriously increasing the EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) in our atmosphere.

It doesn’t really matter whether one owns a Global Positioning tool or a cell phone. You are bathing in several million times higher EMF than you were 10 years ago.

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Meat Radiation

The American Meat Institute has petitioned the USDA to call the proposed radiation of the surface of chilled beef carcasses a “processing aid” rather than the current “antimicrobial food additive.” This classification shift would allow the use of irradiation without labeling. Currently, the agency requires that meat or poultry treated with radiation bear the “radura” logo along with the statement “Treated with radiation” or “Treated by irradiation.” Dr. Urvashi Rangan of the Consumers Union believes that “consumers have the right to know if their meat is irradiated at any stage of its processing.” The petition was reviewed at a September hearing, and a decision is pending.


Non-GMO Project

Non-GMO Project

Believe it or not, there are over 60 countries in the world that require GMO products to be labeled, unlike Canada and America which do not require these foods containing GMOs to be labeled as such—this in spite of the fact that numerous poles indicate that most Americans want GMOs labeled.

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Medications Contain Chemicals That “Feminize” Unborn Baby Boys

Today, we’re going to talk again about the feminizing of boys & girls through environmental chemicals. It is important to understand that when you are have excess female estrogen or other chemicals that mimic female estrogen, they alter the child’s hormonal balance, and unfortunately, imbalances can cause sexual preferences changes, infertility, and even cancer.

It is vital that we understand that these chemicals in our daily life ranging from unfermented soy products, estrogen given as hormones or other forms of steroids to chicken, cattle, fish, and other meat animals to increase growth rate all directly influence our growth rate too. - Red Ramiro Pepper

Help DIABETES—and Stop the Conditions It Causes

To begin with, Harvard Medical School said that capsaicin (just one of the active ingredients in hot peppers) “could have implications for diabetes prevention and management.”

In addition, a research team at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children found that capsaicin injected into diabetic animals caused their diabetes to disappear “virtually overnight.”

This is big news, because a researcher at Harvard, Dr. Goodarz Danaei, did a study showing that raised blood sugar levels are responsible for over three million world-wide deaths a year. These deaths can be prevented.

Furthermore, researcher Dennis J. Selko, MD, also from Harvard, has connected high blood sugar to Alzheimer’s. In fact, some scientists now call Alzheimer’s a kind of ‘Type 3 Diabetes.’ So that should be motivation for everyone to get their sugar under control.