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How Do You Feed Your Brain?

You can get a transplant of any organ —except your brain. It can’t be replaced. So take great care of it!

Here is what you may not be aware of and should be:

Your brain is a heavy eater (of oxygen and other nutrients). That’s because your brain works hard to run your body and is the conduit for your thoughts. Therefore, it has to ‘eat a lot’ to stay well—and that food is served through the blood.

Your brain is only 5% of your body mass, yet it consumes 20% of the oxygen in your blood. It’s a real energy-hog.

Your brain runs on blood like a car runs on gasoline. When the blood flowing to the brain runs into a clog or restriction, the system goes down fast and you’re in trouble. Here’s what doctors are now discovering…

Chilli Powder by Paul

You Can Stop Bleeding in Less than 60 Seconds!

Cayenne pepper has been prized for thousands of years for its healing power.

It is totally shocking to realize that most doctors, paramedics, and military medics in the field do not commonly know this very simple piece of technology.

During the civil war, where shrapnel injuries were great, a tremendous amount of amputations were performed. The not so bright doctors used a hot iron to cauterize the amputated limb and some 35+% of the victims either died or got severe infections and complications. The smart doctors had a bowl of red-hot cayenne pepper powder, which they simply slapped on the amputated limb for 60 seconds and even with such a severe injury, cauterization occurred.


Water vs. Coke

There are a lot of illogical things that are going on in our society. With the erosion of our standard of living, job security, and Constitutional Rights, it is sometimes hard to look at the bright side in a stressful, overly polluted environment. Mainstream media and newspapers print exclusively chaos and violence giving an extremely stilted picture of our lives. Let’s face it, if there really was that much murder and death, no one would leave home without their Thompson machine gun and full bulletproof armament. The world is really nowhere close to the chaos that the media presents to us.

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Butter & Your Health

As I continue to do more research, I’m finding out that there are some very simple laws that are being grossly violated. I have ordered some information and books, which has not arrived at this writing, but this is the gist that I got.


The Fight Against GMOs

As we approach the Dawn of the New Millennium, the unfortunate pot of turmoil seems to be madly boiling over. Global economic collapse and all of Europe having lost their sovereignty to the European Union seems all to be doom and gloom. But this isn’t exactly true. One piece of good news that indicates all is not going as planned is the subject of Genetic Engineering and the European Union.

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What Causes Constipation?

In America, amongst health practitioners, it is common to believe that about 70+% of the population does not digest their food properly. Within this 70%, some have constipation, and others have diarrhea and some have both!

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10 Diseases Linked To Soda

Statistics shows that Americans drink more soda than ever before. They account for more than 25 percent of all drinks consumed in the United States. More than 15 billion gallons were sold in 2000 — about one 12-ounce can per day for every man, woman and child.

But here’s some information that may keep you from opening the can or bottle:

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Chlorine and Birth Defects

While you may not be planning to have a baby in the near future, the data presented here should definitely make you think twice about taking tap water, a shower or a bath without removing chlorine or its byproducts.

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Natural Vs. Synthetic Vitamins

Dr. Royal Lee (1895-1967) is the father of modern natural vitamins. You wouldn’t find him in Who’s Who nor would he be cited as an authority in any established scientific publication. You will find websites who published FDA attacks against this honest hard working genius, forwarding lies used to destroy this man’s name, etc. Never do they mention the fact that the vitamins created by Dr. Lee sold through his company Standard Process, are still the best vitamins on planet Earth today.

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Growing Food Locally

I am no economist, but it doesn’t take a wizard to see why life feels so stressful when one looks at the prices of things. In a casual perusing of the almanac, one realizes that though the average income was only $3,216 in the 1950s, gas was 20 cents a gallon, milk was 82 cents, and a house was only $14,500!