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Chemical Free Water Conditioner

Earth Core Water Conditioner

  • Restructures Water  For No Lime Scale Build Up
  • Makes Water Wetter & Softer Eliminating The Need For Chemicals
  • Extends The Life Of All Major Appliances

What is a water conditioner?

It makes the water softer and wetter.  It gives better tasting water that is healthier to drink.  In addition, it protects the pipes and appliances from limescale build up, which is the primary reason for equipment failure. (Hot water heater, dishwasher,  washer, water filters clogging…etc.)

Water conditioning that softens water without the use of chemicals or salt!

The EarthCore™ Electro-Mechanical Water Conditioner

is not a standard salt softener nor is it a filter.

This is a lifetime water conditioning system for Residential, Industrial, Aquaculture, and Agricultural use.

The EarthCore™ Water Conditioner is a one piece, self contained Electromechanical Catalytic Water Conditioner.  Its venturi effect core scrubs flowing water in a manner similar to the way rocks scrub water in a mountain stream. Earth grounding provides electrons to help soften the water without chemical or salt additives.

This self sufficient water conditioner will save you money, because there is no need for electricity, chemicals, antibiotics or salt; nor does it have any moving parts to wear out.

It will also save you appliance replacement costs by protecting valuable equipment from limescale and corrosion.

For Residential

  • -Water is better tasting and odor free
  • -Dissolves and removes mineral scale build up from  lumbing systems, water heaters and appliances, therefore extending their service life
  • -Soap film rinses away from bath tubs and showers,
  • -Reduces detergent use,
  • -Retards algae and mildew growth.
  • -Swimming pool chemicals are reduced and pool equipment lasts longer  (average chemical savings is up to 70%)

For Turf & Agricultural

  • Mineral salts are neutralized and wash away from root systems.    This enables plants to extract more nutrients from the soil and produce higher crop yields per acre – 25% to 70% higher yields.  Improves leaching process in hard soils and increases water retention in sandy soils and sandy loam. EarthCore water will break down heavy clay soils for better drainage and percolation in root zone, therefore reducing the need for wetting agents.
  • Increased dissolved oxygen availability eliminates algae and retards black layer effect. 
  • Unusable well water with T.D.S. up to 2000 ppm can be utilized.
  • Drip irrigation and piping systems run trouble free with little or no evidence of limescale clogging (94% reduction in formation of scale).
  • -Water savings range between 25-60% depending on soil type.

For Industrial

  • For cooling tower applications, boilers, water heaters, cogeneration systems, waste heat recovery systems and evaporative cooler pads all surfaces in contact with conditioned water remain free from scale or deposits, which extends the life of any components in contact with the conditioned water.
  • Replaces environmentally harmful chemical water treatment systems.
  • Allows systems to operate at higher T.D.S. levels, therefore increasing operating efficiency.
  • -Alleviates the need to sandblast or acid wash cooling surfaces.
  • -Net savings usually total thousands of dollars per year.

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Chlorine Free Pool System

Using hydrogen peroxide & the Earth Core Water Conditioner you can swim or soak in a pool or spa that makes you feel revitalized from oxygenation, rather than tired from toxic chemicals!

This  unique system uses oxygen and the Earth Core water conditioner for a 100% Chlorine free pool or spa system.  It is VERY easy to maintain and non-toxic.

Salt systems are not chlorine free pool systems.

I’d like to clarify misleading information that others may have given you so you know the truth about salt systems.

Salt systems are really chlorine systems. Salt is sodium chloride and when you ionize it, it splits into sodium and chlorine. So,  a salt regeneration system is still a chlorine system. It’s a little bit better than a straight chlorine system, but one has to remember that chlorine, when combined with any organic compounds makes known or suspected carcinogens.

Hydrogen Peroxide or Ozone:

  • Increases the oxygen levels in your pool or spa
  • Makes algae less likely to grow in a putrefying manner
  • Makes blue green algae that grows invisible to the naked eye
  • **We recommend that you use sodium percarbonate powder.  It is much easier and safer to handle than hydrogen peroxide, and it becomes hydrogen peroxide when it touches water.

If you only use Sodium Percarbonate  or Hydrogen Peroxide without using the Earth Core Water Conditioner, your chemical costs will be 3 to 5 times more than chlorine, as the ozone or hydrogen peroxide will gas out of the water rapidly.

The addition of the Earth Core Water Conditioner stabilizes the water (without any chemicals), thus making hydrogen peroxide (or Sodium Percarbonate) a viable alternative to chlorination.

To create a 100% Chlorine Free Pool or Spa System, install a 3/4 inch Earth Core Water Conditioner ($1,599.00 + $35 S/H, plus FL tax if applicable) or a 1/2 inch Electro-Mechanical Water Conditioner for small pools or Spas ($1,299.00 + $35 S/H, plus FL tax if applicable). Then you add  sodium percarbonate, which we recommend because it is easier to handle than Hydrogen Peroxide.

When do you add more Sodium Percarbonate or Hydrogen Peroxide?  When you see patches of  green algae forming at the bottom of the pool. When you see this, the hydrogen peroxide is low. Use 2-4 pounds of sodium percarbonate  to SHOCK THE POOL. For maintenance, use 1-2 pounds of sodium percarbonate per week.

You may need to add more sodium percarbonate to your pool or spa during spring, due to large volumes of tree pollen. The pollen will consume the hydrogen peroxide and of course, you will also have to use more sodium percarbonate during the few weeks that the flowers are blooming.

During the winter, sodium percarbonate can be reduced to 2-4 pounds per month.  When you open the pool up for the first time after winter is over, it may be extremely green with algae.  If you want to save money and increase efficiency, you may use chlorine to kill off the algae and then vacuum the pool. Then, add sodium percarbonate or hydrogen peroxide to oxidize or “burn off” the chlorine before taking a dip in the pool or spa.  (These instructions are good for pools from 5,000-18,000 gallon sizes. For larger pools you will need to add more.) Call us for current sodium percarbonate pricing.

If  you want to increase your energy from a swim,

then this is the system for you!

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Mix Your Vitamins with Super Energy Booster

Super Energy Booster formula was designed with the viewpoint to supply the microorganisms in our digestive systems, with all the basic necessary ‘nuts and bolts’ in order to create any needed product for the body to build, maintain or repair.  These components would be tissue, bone, amino acids and all the various essential building blocks needed for a healthy body.

The formula starts with cod liver oil that is not de-stearinated (fat not removed) which only the Europeans still make.  This oil is a natural source of vitamin A and D and as a mineral source of the long chain fatty acids.  [EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)].  When this kind of oil is mixed with calcium and phosphorous, they bond a jointly form a new compound which become the basic building blocks for life.  To this formula, I then add a natural source of vitamin C, which is Acerola cherry powder (note that this is a source of vitamin C, not vitamin C).  Then I add Fulvic acid, which supplies the basic carbon chain in which other things can attach to, as well as a source of organic trace minerals.  In addition, I add brewers yeast.  Brewers yeast supplies some 18 different kinds of essential amino acids; thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin B12 and many other trace minerals.  The brewers yeast is from Lewis Labs, which is the only known non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) brewers yeast in the world.  The common GMO brewers yeast from the beer factories has contaminated most brewers yeast on planet earth.

Super Energy Booster Contains the Following Products

  • Calphonite 15 fluid oz.
  • Cod Liver Oil 16 fluid oz.
  • Acerola Powder 6 oz.
  • Fulvic Acid 32 oz.
  • Lewis Labs Brewers Yeast 2 lbs.
  • Inner Garden 32 oz.

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Health Re-Education with Winston Kao

Do you feel that you are living a healthy lifestyle, but still feel crappy?

We offer a private consultation that we call our Health Re-education. It is a checklist of 31 items that will help to debug your health and sort the lies from the truth so that you are left with workable tech to help you live a healthier life.

It is done in person or by phone with Winston at a cost of $100 per hour.

It covers such topics as fats (primary source of energy) and oils, salts, meats, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, soy, microwave ovens, tatoos and piercings, vitamins: natural vs. synthetic, hormones, and many other health-related topics.

Winston will share his wisdom from traditional and up to date sources taken from many years of experience and successful application.

Interested?  Call us at (727) 447-2344 to set an appointment.

Alkaline Water

  • Medical grade alkaline water
  • 50% Reduction in Water Molecule Size
  • High negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential)


This is the only alkalizer we trust! Why? It takes time to produce high quality alkaline water!

Why you should choose a medical grade batch alkalizer rather than a  flow-through alkalizer that connects to the faucet:

The “real” medical grade water alkalizer gives the benefits that we are told about.  It takes TIME to create quality water.

Do you want to know the truth?

The original alkaline water testing (+/-60 years ago) was done with a batch alkalizer not a flow-through alkalizer. Therefore, the alkaline water literature and testing results that you find are actually based on batch alkalizer testing.  Yet the flow-through alkalizers do not produce the same results!

All flow-through alkalizers process the water for 1/5th of a second.  Since you are only interested in the effects of the negative charge (ORP*) and it’s micro-clustered water (water molecule is+/- 50% smaller) rather than its alkalinity, how much negative charge or reduction in water molecule size can occur in 1/5th of a second?

Batch alkalizers process the water for 15 to 30 minutes. This is 3000 to 9000 times longer processing time than the flow-through alkalizers!

This is like using a battery charger on your car battery.  The electricity trickles in for a long period of time, creating more stability vs. a  jump start charge from another car.

The batch alkalizers like ours use quality electrodes with very low amperage to produce a product that does not leach into the water and is safer to use.  In fact, our electrodes never need replacing, unlike some flow-through models.  Some flow-through machines zap the water with such high voltage that it can cause heavy metals to leach into the water from the electrodes breaking down.  

In addition, some flow-through alkalizers utilize two specific technologies to artificially enhance both the pH as well as the ORP (negative charge) with mineral/chemical methods. They use coral calcium in the pre-filter to increase the pH. Tourmaline is also added in the pre-filter to artificially increase the ORP. So they are creating higher pH and ORP with coral calcium and tourmaline.  Other flow-through machines have reservoirs that contain additional chemicals.

This is why alkaline drops or alkaline minerals used in flow-through machines to alkalize the water are a problem.   These alkaline solutions and mineral filters will neutralize the acids in the stomach, creating later health issues.   Alkaline chemicals + acid chemicals = salts.In this case, the acid chemical is one’s body, and the salts that are created with interaction with alkaline minerals will tax the kidneys and may, over time, cause kidney stones and other problems elsewhere in the body. This is also why long-term use of alkaline minerals, (such as baking soda or stomach antacids or acid reflux medicines) cause severe health issues. The body is forced to use the alkaline minerals, even when it shouldn’t. This is how you destructively change body chemistry.

This is not what occurs when making alkaline water with the medical grade batch alkalizer.

Batch Alkalizers that generate a high negative charge do not use any chemicals to create the high negative charge or high pH. They create 100% electrically induced pH and ORP that the body can discharge.   The negative charge in the alkaline water is what does the work in the body by allowing the cells to let in nutrients and let go of the positively charged acid waste and heavy metals that have been glued to the cell walls.  Thus the body can cleanse itself. 

The alkalinity of the water is incidental and less important than the negative charge.  Because the negative charge is electrically induced rather than chemically induced, the body can use what it wants to and flush away the rest. The long duration of processing the water in the batch system makes the water molecule +/-50% smaller. This is the primary reason why this water has close to 3 times the penetration power and is able to detoxify so well.

Since the alkalinity of the alkaline water is discharged at the mouth, the solution entering the stomach will not neutralize the stomach’s acid, as the water is no longer alkaline.

If a person with diabetes drank 1 1/4 gallons of alkaline water every day (made from a batch system), I would be willing to bet that within 30-45 days, 95% would lower their insulin requirements. Try that experiment with a flow-through alkalizer and see how many failures you will have.

Keep in mind the working difference is negatively charged alkaline water (from a batch alkalizer) vs. alkaline chemicals in water. Negative charged alkaline water helps the body to lower the positively charged acid waste and heavy metals, so that the cells can dispose of these waste materials easily.

Alkaline chemicals will neutralize the acid waste to form SALTS.  These salts will be added waste for the kidneys to dispose of and as one ages and the kidneys lower their efficiency, the possibility of forming kidney stones goes up.

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*ORP = Oxidation Reduction Potential or the negative charge of molecules in the water.  The higher the negative charge, the more beneficial the alkaline water is in detoxifying the body’s heavy metal and positively charged acid waste.

What You Don’t Know About the Link Between Cholesterol Medication & Diabetes

In an alarming new study of 153,840 postmenopausal women, a disturbing link was found between cholesterol-lowering drugs and diabetes.

Recently, my wife who is over 50, had a physical.  Her LDL cholesterol was almost nonexistent, while her HDL was 65, the highest the doctor had ever seen.  When asked why her HDL was so high while her LDL was so low, my wife replied that it was due to our diet – grass-fed and free-range meats and eggs.  Since she has a dairy allergy, she consumes little or no dairy. If you are concerned about cholesterol, there are many things you can do:  Consume grass-fed meats, free-range chicken and eggs, and raw or pasteurized only organic cheeses and dairy products.  Stay away from homogenized dairy products.  You can also consume Red Yeast Rice, a supplement that supports the liver while reducing cholesterol.

Fluoride war rages on in Pinellas

The war against fluoride in Pinellas County is not over! Politicians and the usual corporate from the American Dental Association will once again attempt to force not just Pinellas county to add back the fluoride but to force the state of Florida to make fluoridation mandatory.

Turbo Charge Your Immune System with the 11 Best Herbs

The 11 best herbs to turbocharge your immune systems all have one thing in common – they have been used for thousands of years. Find out what they are  ……

Here are the 11 Best Herbs that will Turbo Charge your immune system!

  1. Echinacea
  2. Cayenne pepper
  3. Ginseng
  4. Garlic
  5. Bell peppers
  6. Ginger
  7. Turmeric
  8. Gingko Biloba
  9. Ganoderma
  10. Astralagus
  11. Cat’s claw

The Forgotten Super Food, Beets!

Beets are one of those super foods that most modern people have forgotten about. Traditionally, cold country places always boil beets with beef or make beets and any and all other vegetables from the garden to great, wonderful vegetable broth. Beets have a lot of minerals, antioxidants and is just an all around wonderful and delicious vegetable to be used frequently. This does not include commercial canned beets or pickled beets because of the extreme high heat that has destroyed most of the good properties. But, beet juice tablets are a wonderful thing to add as part of your daily supplement.

29 Billion Lies About Cholesterol

Movie Synopsis:

Millions of people around the world are currently taking medications to lower their cholesterol. In England alone, around 7 million people are taking cholesterol-lowering statins in the hope of reducing their risk of a heart attack. But an increasing number of doctors and researchers are questioning the supposed link between cholesterol and heart disease.

At the same time, many people are concerned about the mass prescription of medications. In particular, prescribing medications to people who are, for the most part, perfectly healthy.