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"Turmeric" by SOMMAI

Turmeric Has Many More Secrets

Turmeric has many more Natural Secrets…

Did you know that turmeric helps the body handle cholesterol build up in your liver and arteries? According to a study done in 2005, rabbits that ate a high fat diet showed significantly less fat “buildup” (cholesterol) in their arteries and livers.

Photo Credit: Turmeric by SOMMAI

Turmeric Is More Important Than Ever Before

Turmeric is a very ancient herb with 4000-5000 years of history with both the Chinese culture as well as the Ayurvedic medicine in India. Today, as an average person reading all of this information, you have to be very cautious to recognize that a lot of this information claiming to be testing turmeric, which is a whole plant and a whole food, many are making isolates.

Once, one enters the field of isolates, the supportive structures of the plant are no longer there and like many other isolates, toxicity occurs and one has to watch carefully how much one consumes before one reaches the toxic levels. This is why so many people are always promoting whole foods, whole herbs, and not isolates.