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Photo Credit: Relax" by graur razvan ionut

Avoid Heat stroke and heat exhaustion with simple Remedies

You may not know this but the Gulf Stream is no longer circulating its warm waters to Europe (Since 28 of May 2010; confirmed by NASA satellite). The reason for this is that Mother Nature does not approve of the way the BP oil spill has been handled with toxic flocking agents – sinking the oil, rather than using microbes to eat up the oil.

We are now keeping all this excess heat here in the US.  This is why we are experiencing record breaking heat waves from Southern California right on through Middle America, and to the East coast.  When was the last time you saw 100°F temperatures across Mid America? This is why I decided to write an article about avoiding and remedying heat stroke and heat exhaustion.  This is particularly for the elderly and those who have never experienced 100°F plus weather.